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American Arts & Culture

The Grange Foundation board approved the American Arts and Culture fund in August 2012 that will support initiatives related to American handycraft and folk art, historical preservation and enactment, cultural displays and performances and other activities that showcase artistic talent, Grange heritage and American historical movements in rural areas. Contributions will be used for, but not limited to, funding educational opportunities that engage new audiences with folk art and craftmaking, such as quilt shows and quilt making; the portrayal and preservation of historic cultural events and artifacts, such as the display of the 1873 Degrees by Grange Youth at the O.H. Kelley Farm; and other projects related to this area of interest.

We seek grants from foundations, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations or bequeathments. Please contact Foundation Associate Amanda Brozana-Rios at (301) 943-1090 to learn more about donor options.

If you are a grant seeker, inquiries may be made to Grange Foundation President Christine Hamp at champ@nationalgrange.org.  Contributions may be sent to Grange Foundation, Attn: American Arts and Heritage Fund, 1616 H. St. NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20006.

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