Chris Hamp (WA)
I was very fortunate to have been on the receiving end of the Grange Youth Fund multiple times in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. These funds allowed me to travel from Washington State to  New England and the Midwest as well as to the Nation’s Capitol.
Emily Cabbage (WA)
The Grange Foundation awarded me a scholarship to go to Washington D.C. for their Legislative Experience. There, I was able to experience our nation’s capital and I learned so much about how our country works.
Leroy Squire (CA)
The John Trimble Legislative Experience was an excellent opportunity to see from both in committee and on the floor of the national session how Grange policy is made and handled and how much it differs from the state level.
TracFone appreciates the work the Grange members do for isolated, disabled and underprivileged citizens in rural and small towns across the nation. We know the work you do helps millions of Americans lead better lives.
Michael Martin
As a member of the National Grange Youth Team, The National Grange Foundation provided the financial support to enable me, and the entire youth team, to travel to regional and national events so we could lead workshops and inspire our peers to seek greater opportunities for personal growth and expanding networks. And it is vital for everyone to support The National Grange Foundation today so others, our daughter included, will be able to have some of the same experiences I did through my Grange journey.