Many Granges have been doing amazing things to support the needs of their neighbors, stepping up in ways that we never could have imagined, during the COVID-19 Crisis. Grange Foundation is committed to giving back to members who are giving back to their communities.

The Grange Foundation has elected to create a grant opportunity for all chartered Granges. Ten grants of $100 each will be made to Granges helping their communities at this time.

We know that Granges exist in communities that are very different, but in every community some work can be done to better the lives of others – even if it’s just creating a concerted and organized effort to check in with neighbors. To level the playing field so all Granges, regardless of membership, financial status or other factors were eligible to receive a grant, we are asking only that Granges submit an application for each project they complete, regardless of largess of impact.

Submissions will be entered into a drawing, which will be held at our June 9 board meeting. 10 reports/Grange names will be pulled and each will receive $100 as a grant from the Foundation.

Granges must complete and submit online or by mail the submission form.


All members are encouraged to share the paper form as necessary to any Granges who do not have online access.

Forms may be submitted by any chartered Grange, including Pomona and State Granges, but SHOULD NOT cover the work of another Grange. If multiple Granges partner on a project, only one form should be submitted per project and the Granges should determine to whom the check should be made and the fair distribution of the funds, should that project be pulled as a winning submission.

Submissions must be made by June 5. Paper submissions should be sent to Grange Foundation, 1616 H St. NW, Suite 1100, Washington DC 20006.

Online submissions must be submitted June 5 by 11:59 p.m. Eastern.