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National Agriculture in the Classroom 2022 (PAL) Award

Partnership in Agricultural Literacy
A National Award Program of the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization
Sponsored by the National Grange



Award Information

The Partnership in Agricultural Literacy award celebrates the best in agricultural literacy efforts, recognizing individuals, organizations, programs, and events that embody innovation and advancement in agricultural literacy for PreK-12 students. It recognizes excellence in agricultural literacy partnerships, innovative solutions to challenges, and outstanding programs and events that increase agricultural literacy in participants.

Potential nominees include individuals, organizations, or groups who promote grades PreK-12 educational experiences in and through agriculture by addressing one or more of the following themes of the National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes:

  • Agriculture and the Environment
  • Plants and Animals for Food, Fiber & Energy
  • Food, Health & Lifestyle
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
  • Culture, Society, Economy & Geography


Eligible nominees include:

  • Agricultural groups or organizations; or employee(s) of such organizations (e.g., Grange, 4-H clubs, FFA chapters, county or state Farm Bureau associations, etc.)
  • Non-classroom educators (e.g., extension educators, school garden educators, museum educators, etc.)
  • Volunteers—individually or as a group (e.g., Grange, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.)

National Agriculture in the Classroom affiliate organizations and employees are not eligible for nomination.
The winning group or individual will receive a $500 honorarium and up to $1,500 in approved expenses for a group or individual to attend the National Agriculture in the Classroom

Conference, where the award will be presented at an awards ceremony. The approved expenses to be reimbursed are only available to the award-winning group or individual and cannot be used for family members or others traveling with the winner.
Only affiliates in good standing (NAITCO dues paid and annual report filed) are eligible to submit a nomination for this award. Affiliates can submit only one nomination each year.

Evaluation and Selection Process

Judges will select an individual, group, or organization who utilizes agricultural information and materials with their program(s) to promote agricultural literacy and the importance of agriculture. Activity focus may include, but is not limited to, an understanding of agriculture’s impact on personal lives, national heritage, or the environment and economy. Innovative and interdisciplinary programs are encouraged.

All nominations are evaluated by a panel of judges familiar with agriculture, education, and Agriculture in the Classroom. National Agriculture in the Classroom Affiliate Contacts who submit nominations may not serve as judges.

Evaluation Criteria (100-point scale; please see attached rubric)

  • Creation and Utilization of Agricultural Information: Developed a program or activity that effectively increased agricultural literacy and taught students or teachers about the importance of agriculture. Organized groups of volunteers and combined efforts with other groups.
  • Impact: The number of students and/or teachers impacted by this program/activity, and the number of times students and/or teachers have been impacted.
  • Program/Activity: The degree that this program/activity supported the AITC mission and use of AITC materials and resources.
  • Innovation: The level of creativity of the program/activity and the degree to which the program can be replicated.

Deadline for Submitting Nominations

The nomination must be received by February 25, 2022, at 11:59 PM EST. Award recipients will be notified in late March.

Submission Details

Affiliate Contacts must submit this nomination online at https://agclassroom.org/affiliates/ (log-in required).

Affiliate Contacts will prepare and collect the following documentation to enter into the online submission form:

  • Affiliate Contact’s state/territory, name, email
  • Nominee information including nominee or contact person’s name, address, email, phone number (this information will be entered directly into the electronic submission form)
  • Responses to application questions (this information will be entered directly into the electronic submission form)
  • Recommendation letter from NAITCO Affiliate Contact (uploaded file) detailing the nominee’s contributions to help promote agricultural literacy and collaboration with AITC (limited to 1 page, single-spaced, no less than 11 pt. font; must include date and Affiliate Contact signature)
  • Nominee’s documentation and photos (uploaded file): A PowerPoint template has been provided (https://agclassroom.org/affiliates/) for submitting this segment of the application. Nominees are encouraged to share photos and other documentation of contributions to agricultural literacy. One photo must be a head shot or group high-resolution photo. Please use quality images and add a brief caption at the bottom of each photo to describe the activity. Save this file as a PDF. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10MB. If your file size exceeds 10MB, consider zipping the file, saving as a PDF, condensing the PDF, or compressing pictures in PowerPoint to reduce the file size.
  • Statement of Release (uploaded file): Complete the provided statement of release for the use of photographs and other materials by National Agriculture in the Classroom for media publications. (Appendix A: Scan and insert signature; save file as PDF for submission.)

Questions can be directed to Jessica Jansen (NAITCO Awards & Recognition Committee Chair) at jessica.jansen@oregonstate.edu.