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Prior to 2010, we have successfully defended 26 major infringement cases. In 2010 our total number of open infringement cases had risen to 43. We successfully resolved 13 of those cases this year, leaving us with 30 active infringement cases at the end of 2010.

This year, our trademark protection activities expanded from exclusive defensive reliance on the legal process to preserve our trademark rights to incorporate a more proactive approach to our trademark management activities. Over time, as we have become more knowledgeable about our rights and the value of our trademarks we have expanded our trademark protection activities to also include “brand management.” By brand management, we are referring to additional ways to generate new products, services and partnerships to market goods and services to the general public under the brand name Grange that will contribute to growth and development of the Order. This year we have had more discussions about licenses and joint marketing agreements for GRANGE branded products than at any time since our trademark protection efforts started. We are seeing good, viable commercial ideas involving bringing new goods and services to the public under the brand name GRANGE by entrepreneurs across the nation. Some of these entrepreneurs are affiliated with the Grange, others are not. Some of these businesses have broad ambitions to reach regional, statewide and even national markets while others are focused on providing their goods or services to a specific community. Our responsibility at the level of the National Grange in this environment is to facilitate these entrepreneurial activities as much as possible while maintaining ownership and control of our intellectual property.