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Since 1876, the National Grange has applied for and received various, incontestable US trademarks that are closely associated with the core perceptions, history and modern public image of our organization, including the word GRANGE, the phrase NATIONAL GRANGE and the seven-sided GRANGE LOGO. These trademarks are comprehensive in nature and apply to virtually all of the potential uses of these words, terms and logos in commerce, business, non-profit fundraising or political application.

The National Grange is committed to defending its ownership rights in these valuable trademarks for the benefit of our Grange members across the nation. Each year, thousands of local, county, state Granges, as well as the National Grange, all use one or more of these trademarks to market a wide variety of goods, products and services to the general public for fundraising purposes. Much of this revenue is, in turn, recycled by local Granges to maintain the operation of our local chapters or to fund service projects in their local community.

Over the past half decade, a surprising number of trademark infringement cases have arisen involving one or more of our registered trademarks. Many of these were honest mistakes, small and medium sized businesses who wanted to use the name GRANGE in their business or marketing plan and who didn’t realize the term GRANGE is a protected trademark. A small minority of other infringement cases were calculated attempts by sophisticated corporations to attempt to use their deep financial resources and the legal process to appropriate the name GRANGE for the exclusive benefit of their corporate profits.

In every case where we have become aware of a significant trademark infringement, whether incidental or intentional, we have aggressively challenged that infringement and defended our incontestable rights. To date the National Grange has never lost an infringement proceeding that we have brought to protect our trademarks.