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The Foundation Board voted to create this fund in 2010 to aid the National Grange in paying the legal expenses of defending the trademarks of the National Grange. This also gives members the opportunity to benefit from a tax deduction for their donation.

The Trademark Protection Fund is a dedicated fund, the income and principal may be spent for the dedicated purpose only.

Since the National Grange’s commitment to defend its ownership rights in these valuable trademarks for the benefit of our Grange members, monetary contributions from all over the country have been submitted to support this cause.

We ask that you continue to support this vital activity through your tax deductible donation to the Grange Foundation Trademark Protection Program. Through the Grange Foundation Trademark Protection Program we are building the resources that we need to help local Granges and small business entrepreneurs to maximize the value from using the term GRANGE in their fundraising or sales efforts. These efforts, in turn, help generate local jobs and economic activity as well as generating millions of dollars annually that are re-invested in community service and community development projects in rural communities across the nation. As you look at your charitable giving goals over the next few months, please consider making a generous donation to the Grange Foundation Trademark Protection Program so that we can continue to support our local Granges in their non-profit fund-raising activities as well as our growing list of for-profit, entrepreneurial, small business partners. You can be confident that your donations will be used directly for the benefit of rural communities across the nation.

If you have any questions about the National Grange Trademark Protection and Brand Management Program or the Grange Foundation Trademark Protection Program, please feel free to contact The National Grange by e-mail at or by written correspondence to:

National Grange
Trademark Protection
1616 H St. NW
Washington, DC 20006

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