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Idaho Grange – Project Vote

Project Vote intends to increase accessibility to the electoral process by increasing awareness of city clerks and poll workers to issues encountered by individuals who are deaf or have a hearing impairment. Prior to the November 2010 General Election Project Vote intends to:

  1. Collaborate with the Idaho Secretary of State’s office to make available to select precincts in southwest Idaho, onsite training of city clerks and poll workers regarding issues specific to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing;
  2. Collaborate with the Idaho Secretary of State’s office make available to select precincts throughout the State of Idaho, materials relevant to the increased accessibility of the electoral process, for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Grange members throughout the state will be utilized to assist in the project.

New Jersey – SmartBoard for Petway Elementary School

Petway Elementary School is located in Vineland, New Jersey and have more than a dozen hearing impaired children enrolled in their deaf education program. Over 42 Community Granges and 11 County Granges are involved in raising the funds needed to buy the SmartBoard for Petway. SmartBoards are essentially a large whiteboard (instead of a chalkboard) with a projector that is hooked to the computer. Being hooked directly to the computer allows the teacher to do everything on the computer imaginable which is then projected onto the screen. Additionally, the SmartBoard itself is a huge touch-screen. The teacher can pick colors, use her finger to actually draw on the large board, type, print, surf the web, and do literally whatever by touching the screen. The SmartBoard will provide interactive and visual experiences many deaf and hard of hearing children need to assist them in their learning.

Michigan – Ear Plugs for Ashley Trading Days

Ashley Trading Days is three day celebration in the little village of Ashley. Gratiot Grange #1898 participates in this event yearly and contributed a booth where they sell tickets for the raffle the State Grange has, to having a bake sale, to an entry in the Saturday parade, to hosting an ice cream social in the afternoon. The parade is a display of emergency vehicles with all the lights and sirens going, which makes the noise level quite loud. The parade gave Gratiot Grange the idea to pass out ear plugs prior to the parade as well as labeling the packages to identify Gratiot Grange as the giver.